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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 7th Jul 2013


Do i get points 4 wtanhicg series 1 ,20 episodes in 2 and a bit nights , very cool,i had not seen b 4 . it seems very clear the series is a born again christin base series ,good v evil, a magical place were every one gets a second chance to redeem themselves , trying for all walks of life to mix well together, ever seen the movie se7en, it seems to have the 5 or 7 deedly sins in it lust,greed,jealisey,murder, etc, what a heavy final episode 20 with the little boy on the boat being taken away , i have put my order in 4 series , just my thoughts [url=]ycvgiizvhsq[/url] [link=]iwcfgpwtpt[/link]

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 2nd Jul 2013


there seems 2 b many theories and they all sound good ,just take one step back and look <a href="">inrawd</a>. as much as niktoecho7 has good ideas ,i think that the island is a symbolic place = limbo ,a stop over b4 final judgment day,they all could b lost soles wondering amlessly waiting 4 the jury virdict to come in . they all could be dead as we know death 2 b ,spirits with no place to go,untill they have their lives reviewed b 4 being sent to what we call heaven or hell.notice the people still walking around some amlessly others trying 2 sort out their demonds ,so 2 speak.the bodies/flesh and bones that get birried seem 2 have sort out their earthly battles e.g the brother who let go of his sister was put 2 ground , the ones still walking have not finished what need 2 do e.g sawyer needs 2 fisish off the man who killed his family,e.g charlie who needs 2 sort out his drug problem,the girl needs 2 look after her baby,these r just my thoughts. or we read into things far 2 deep . we think we have problems trying 2 work this out ,what about years ago with alice in wonderland or clock work orange all good fun good luck

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 1st Jul 2013


It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so calerly

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