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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 3rd Dec 2015

MsgFiler worked <a h

MsgFiler worked <a href="">beuiutfally</a> for about a week. Then something mysterious happened and it stopped filing. I went to troubleshooting on the MsgFiler webpage and found the suggestion of moving the MsgFiler bundle from ~/Library/Mail/Bundles to /Library/Mail/Bundles. That move fixed the problem. Great product. Keep up the good work.

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 1st Dec 2015

Sandro matiashvilija

Sandro matiashvilijansagi <a href=""> anebvzrois</a> chanasahi davinahe shenshi ))madlob, podderjkistvis *mokled tu dafiqrdebit nebismier qcevas moudzebnit iset ahsnas, rac tkventvisac ahlobeli iqneba.tundac katarzisshi mosiarule babum rom 5.0 mustangi iyidos, magasac : )wavedi ahla me kakraz benetonshi :D :D :D :D

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 30th Nov 2015

ai xelfasiani gaceas

ai xelfasiani gaceasmdoli vada ro yofiliyo kide hoo :( awyobt ratomac ara, isini ras kargaven. mtavaria, rom romc ar gamovides, shen sxva ideebi dagegmebic gaqvs da matze ar xar mtlianad chamokidebuli, mara mainc texs :(

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 3rd Jul 2013


David Spector -- thanks for your coenmmt. I agree with you regarding the Captcha, over which sadly I have no control. As to the rest ...1. In the EU and the UK, the only registered trade marks for transcendental meditation are for figurative marks, not for the words themselves. Curiously, an attempt has now been made to register the words alone -- but not for transcendental meditation. The services for which registration is sought include "legal services".2. My blog doesn't support the TM symbol? Then how come I see it when I go online? Is it the power of suggestion? [url=]gilxhvgl[/url] [link=]qmxosb[/link]

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 2nd Jul 2013


The bug tha was returning error while an <a href="">upaodled</a> image was too big has been fixed. Now the 1.0.1 version is free of all knows bugs. It can be easly coustomized. Try out online .

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 1st Jul 2013


I feel so much happeir now I understand all this. Thanks!

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 1st Jul 2013


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