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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 28th Apr 2012


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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 25th Apr 2012


Madalynn & Vivian Going For Drive In The Camaro Talk Back And Forth / Clip 3 Of 3As we continue from clip two Madalynn and Vivian are still on the road with Vivian still driinvg Vivian does a u turn heads back to the house as shes shifting through the gears she guns the engine really good as shes shifting gears, wile there driinvg back to the house Vivian turns into a service station to see if it's open so she can fill the tank up with gas its closed she gets back on the highway she continues back to the house.Vivian and Madalynn are still talking back and forth can't understand what there saying most of the time it looks like there having a good time, from time to time the camera switches to the footwell camera getting great video of Vivian's feet as shes working the pedals at one point when shes slowing down she keeps her right foot on the gas she uses her left foot to work the brake pedal she has no problem driinvg a stick-shift its like she takes to it like a duck to water.The clip is about to come to an end Vivian turns into the driveway at the house she parks the Camaro raises the emergency brake lever leaves the gear shift in gear shuts off the engine.As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Vivian and Madalynn have gotten out of the Camaro there walking in the house. The End.Vivian you and Madalynn did a great three part driinvg series, Vivian the way you drive the Camaro it looks like you know your way around the Camaro. Shish your a brave man to let two women drive your Camaro without you in it, your camera work as always great good work all!!!!

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