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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 24th Mar 2013


eGtnUb , [url=]dtwhknghtfbo[/url], [link=]lvffwoxuzwkt[/link],

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 23rd Mar 2013


hottiebayo:people call them trampstamps beacuse some time in the 1950 s (i might be wrong) or 1980 s or somthing, loads of girls got the lower back tattoo, and they all looked so simlar, it looked like theyd just stood in a line and got stamped, plus most of them looked either trampey or whoreish, so they got the name trampstamp' some people dont realise this only requires to the tribal plain ones, now most girls have colour, butterflys, flowers etc, they are NOT trampstamps (:

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